Research Integrity lunch meetings

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Research Integrity lunch meetings

What is this about?

The Research Integrity lunch meeting is a monthly meeting taking place at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, connecting researchers interested in research integrity from different projects. The format is a 1-hour interactive get-together, where work in progress and new ideas are presented. Everyone involved in a research integrity related project can sign up as a speaker.

These meetings are organized with the aim of raising awareness of diverse projects and providing a space for networking and sharing expertise, and for the cross-fertilization of ideas. The lunches are not for the presentation of already finished papers. In order to utilize the meetings to the fullest, one person with a related background prepares a brief reflection on the work presented, after which the other participants are invited to ask questions, give feedback, or come up with suggestions. Lunch is provided

Why is this important?

It connects people from within the field of research integrity, since the backgrounds of researchers in this field are diverse and they will not meet each other in discipline specific conferences. Additionally, the field of research integrity is still young, and it’s important to connect and share ideas. Moreover, it provides the possibility to learn from each other and help one another.

For whom is this important?