Research culture statement (University of Glasgow)

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Research culture statement (University of Glasgow)

What is this about?

The University of Glasgow's Research Culture Statement describes the initiatives the University of Glasgow has undertaken to promote and support a positive research culture. The Statement is subdivided into the following topics: collegiality, career development, research recognition, research integrity, and open science. The statement is addressed to all staff and students involved in research, funders and collaborators and is an expression of how the university expects its stakeholders to conduct research in the broad sense. By publishing the statement (2019) the institution is open about their plans regarding the promotion of a positive research culture, and invites others to compliment or enhance them.

Why is this important?

A statement that not only expresses values, but also shows the research community what is being done to improve the research culture and what their future plans are. Emphasizing the importance of a positive research culture is one of the foundations for a solid research climate.

For whom is this important?

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