EQIPD (Enhancing Quality in Preclinical Data)

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EQIPD (Enhancing Quality in Preclinical Data)

What is this about?

EQIPD is a large European project which aims to systematically improve the quality of data originating from non-regulated and regulated preclinical research [1]. The project is run by a consortium from academia, CROs, scientific societies, consulting companies and pharma industry and received funding from a European Innovative Medicine Initiative. The consortium has developed a number of tools to improve the quality of preclinical data, including online resources, local applications and an online learning tool. These tools allow a lean, user friendly and fit-for-purpose implementation of a quality system.

Why is this important?

The low reproducibility of research data and the low drug development success rates are important concerns in the scientific community. It was shown over the last years that a considerable percentage of research data cannot be reproduced [1]. This could be one of the causes for the slowdown in drug development reported earlier [2]. One factor which contributes to the high rate of preclinical-to-clinical translation failures is the limited robustness of preclinical evidence. Currently, there is no systematic approach that could serve this need and improve research processes. Therefore, EQIPD (formerly named “European Quality in Preclinical Data”) developed a quality system to provide a framework and guiding principles for best practices in research labs. This applies for basic research as well as labs involved in early phases of drug discovery and development. These principles will guide the development of processes within a research lab to increase the transparency and robustness of research data. Ultimately, introduction of these principles will structure the information and work processes, enhance credibility and save resources.

For whom is this important?

What are the best practices?

The EQIPD quality system is currently applied at research labs within the IMI consortium and a group of interested labs. EQIPD made all the developed resources available to the public. Currently, this includes a preprint publication describing the EQIPD system in greater detail on the Open Science Framework here. Additionally, a wiki page, the EQIPD toolbox, is available providing information developed by the consortium and a broader stakeholder group.

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