From The Embassy of Good Science

Partnership with the Embassy of Good Science

Why partner with The Embassy?

Building a platform that is visually appealing, technically appropriate, safe, privacy-oriented and cost-effective, while meeting the needs of users, is challenging. Preserving it in the long term is an even bigger challenge. Therefore, we aim to support ethics and integrity projects in focusing on their objectives – while we ensure that the platform is kept up and running in the long term. We offer projects and initiatives support in permanently presenting themselves and their products on the platform in an accessible way. Furthermore, we are open to participate in projects to jointly develop a dissemination strategy or to co-create new functionalities to extend the platform.

How can you partner with The Embassy?

Projects and initiatives can present themselves on The Embassy, by creating an initiative page in the Community section. The initiative page enables you to present information about your project and to permanently store products in a repository. You can also communicate project events, which are automatically added to the events calendar of the Community section. Furthermore, you can make results accessible and findable on the platform by describing them in theme pages or training instructions. These options are free to all projects and other initiatives. Projects can also get support in optimally using platform facilities and in organizing internal and external communication. This includes assistance of The Embassy team, which has associated costs.

How can you reach us?

If you are interested in being a partner as described above, or if you would like to discuss the participation of The Embassy in your project in another way, you can contact us here.