Unused properties

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This page lists unused properties that are declared although no other page makes use of them. For a differentiated view, see the entire or wanted properties special pages.

List of properties

  1. Foaf:homepage of type URL
  2. Foaf:knows of type Page
  3. Foaf:name of type Text
  4. Has ratification of type Page No type was specified for this property (assuming type Page for now).
  5. Inappropriate content of type Boolean
  6. Instruction Duration of type Number
  7. Instruction Element Element of type Text
  8. Instruction Element Section of type Text
  9. Instruction Element Type of type Text
  10. Instruction Participants of type Text
  11. What does the user need to do before using this? of type Text
  12. Instruction Remarks of type Text
  13. Instruction Type of type Text
  14. Is Theme Root of type Boolean
  15. Manual Type of type Text
  16. Owl:differentFrom of type Page
  17. References of type Text
  18. Related To Discussion of type Page
  19. What does the user need to know before using this? of type Text
  20. Sign Up of type Text
  21. Title Icon of type Text
  22. What is the purpose of this activity? of type Text
  23. What will the user of this page be able to do after the activity? of type Text