The learning curve - theatre play #MeTooAcademia

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The learning curve - theatre play #MeTooAcademia

What is this about?

Developed from scenarios originally performed as #MeTooAcademia for the Dutch Network of Women Professors (LNVH), ‘The learning curve’ is a theatre play about sexual intimidation and abuse of power in the university context. It’s both humorous and bleak, and is written to be followed by a discussion led by a moderator. Different academic stakeholders and the audience can discuss what you can do if you find yourself, your colleagues or members of your team in such situations.

Why is this important?

Many of us think academia will provide a safe, sensible and intellectual environment in which #MeToo behaviour is absent. Unfortunately, it sometimes isn’t. Although the play is fictitious, it is based on interviews, some of which were confidential. The purpose of the play is to create awareness of harassment in academia – which tends to impact young researchers or support staff in particular – while also exploring individual and institutional ways to address these issues and create a safe working environment.

For whom is this important?