Research Integrity Advisors

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Research Integrity Advisors

What is this about?

Research integrity advisors have a significant role in promoting research integrity within their institutions. If you have any concerns regarding research integrity issues, or you simply need a piece of advice on research integrity, RI advisors will promptly answer all your question and clear up possible doubts.

Why is this important?

Research integrity advisors (RIAs) are responsible for providing advice on matters related to research integrity. Whether you are in the early stage of your research career, or you are senior researcher, it is good to know there is someone who can answer you the questions related to research integrity and research misconduct. They usually do not have investigative roles, but they can definitely be a good stop for advice on how to proceed in a specific case.

For whom is this important?

What are the best practices?

Research integrity advisors are experienced researchers with in-depth knowledge of research integrity and research ethics. They are appointed by the university to serve the complex role of dealing with all sort of questions related to research integrity practices, procedures, and issues.

For example, in Australia, universities have established research integrity advisors’ teams to assist researchers and research students in conducting research with integrity and advise them on questions that may arise during the research process. If you are not sure who to talk with, the universities web pages contain lists of RIAs and guidance on when to approach to an advisor. [1] At Melbourne University, RIAs also have a responsibility to report alleged cases of research misconduct to authorized bodies. [2]

In Europe, for example, in Denmark, some Danish research institutions (e.g., Aarhus University) have special advisors for supporting the good scientific practice. [3] Moreover, LARI (Luxembourg Agency for Research Integrity) provides research ethics consultations to researchers of all levels. While LARI advisors are not officially called RI advisors, they still have a similar role. [4]

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