The Rotterdam Dilemma Game

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The Rotterdam Dilemma Game

What is this about?

Developed by the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), the Rotterdam Dilemma Game includes a variety of dilemmas in the form of case definitions regarding research processes [1] . The game is designed for the use of a diverse population such as students, researchers, supervisors, scientists, academics and administrators. As the dilemmas are based on real cases, they are recognizable to those who take part in research activities. The game serves as an enjoyable exercise letting participants exchange their authentic experiences and perspectives concerning moral dilemmas they face in their research environment. It may also be helpful in developing a shared understanding of formally defined principles and the moral content of our actions as well as the role of values and norms in decision-making.

Recently,  EUR launched a mobile app of the game, which can be played online. Users can add new cases to the app and their suggestions for best solutions for the dilemmas are recorded in its database.

Why is this important?

Reflecting on a variety of moral dilemmas with others in a fun way makes participants gain awareness about the moral content of their day-to-day decisions and actions. That might lead them to consider and understand other stakeholders’ positions and justifications as well as their own in the light of ethics and research integrity values and principles.

For whom is this important?