Australian Research Council Research Integrity Policy

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Australian Research Council Research Integrity Policy

What is this about?

The policy outlines requirements for institutions, and individuals engaged in Australian Research Council (ARC) business, to report to the ARC research integrity matters, and the action the ARC may take in response to reported breaches of the Code. It also describes how the ARC can refer concerns or complaints to research institutions, who, in accordance with the Code, are responsible for managing and investigating potential breaches of the Code.

Why is this important?

The purpose of this policy is to promote and support research integrity and safeguard confidence in the value of publicly funded research by:

-  making transparent the ARC’s role in ensuring research integrity and addressing breaches of the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (2018) (the Code);

-  establishing a framework to support the integrity of the ARC’s grant application, peer review, grant selection and research evaluation processes, funding decisions and research; and

-  raising awareness of the importance of research integrity and the possible consequences for research institutions and individuals if appropriate standards are not maintained.

For whom is this important?

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