ORI - The Office of Research Integrity

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ORI - The Office of Research Integrity

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ORI (The Office of Research Integrity) is an American based platform for all things related to research integrity. Located in the department of Health and Human Services, ORI directs the Public Health Service (PHS) activity on research integrity and affects research institutions both within and beyond federal government programs. The responsibilities of ORI play a critical role in developing and maintaining research integrity. In order to teach and promote research integrity and properly handle and reduce research misconduct, ORI develops policies for detecting and subsequently addressing research misconduct, as well as developing and implementing training programmes for good conduct of research.

Here you can check the latest news in research integrity, inform yourself and learn from cases of misconduct, explore training programs and conferences, and follow their latest grant allocations. ORI offers and annual report and a quarterly newsletter for those interested in how misconduct has been handled and research integrity has been promoted.

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