The SOPs4RI project

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The SOPs4RI project

What is this about?

The SOPs4RI project (Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity) aims to stimulate transformational processes across European Research Performing Organisations and Research Funding Organisations (RPOs and RFOs). Specifically, SOPs4RI will establish an inventory of relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Guidelines that RPOs and RFOs can draw on when developing governance arrangements, procedures and policies to promote strong research integrity cultures within their organisations. These SOPs and Guidelines will be made freely available through an online Toolbox that will give guidance to RPOs and RFOs to build their own Research Integrity Promotion Plans (RIPPs). The SOPs4RI Toolbox as well as a broad spectrum of SOPs4RI resources, i.e. existing guidelines, best practices, and case studies will be made available on The Embassy of Good Science, using the tag “SOPs4RI”.

Why is this important?

SOPs4RI wants to promote excellent and responsible research in a strong research integrity culture that aligns with the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. SOPs4RI is developed in response to contemporary challenges, including occurrence of research misconduct, poor reproducibility of research findings, research waste and potential diminishing trust in science from society.

In response to these challenges, SOPs4RI wants to enhance the ability of RPOs and RFOs to strengthen research integrity and promote good research practices. These goals will be achieved through the development of a Toolbox of SOPs and Guidelines that can be used to implement research integrity policies in RPOs and RFOs. The tools will be based on empirical cycle including reviews, qualitative and quantitative evidence. SOPs4RI will develop tools that institutions can use to empower researchers to produce high quality, rigorous and reliable research, organize adequate support (training, supervision, etc) for organisations and deal with sloppy science. To accomplish this, the programme of work planned in SOPs4RI includes a wide-ranging review of current SOPs and Guidelines, an extensive systematic consultation with research integrity experts, extensive, international focus group interviews with researchers and stakeholders from all main areas of research, co-creation workshops, a large-scale international survey of researchers, and pilot testing of the Toolbox in selected RPOs and RFOs. Thus, the toolbox that we develop will be grounded in a deep understanding of the constraints and opportunities faced by researchers and institutions and provide practically oriented resources to enhance research integrity and promote good research practices, as well as reduce malpractice and provide procedures for dealing with misconduct.

The project goes beyond the scope of just sharing knowledge. It activates a wide range of stakeholders to make contributions and reflect on their own practices. Consequently, we aim to inspire and enable all stakeholders in all research areas in Europe to facilitate measures locally that foster responsible research practices and take up this critical challenge.

For whom is this important?

In Detail

Project team:

Project coordinators: Prof. Niels Mejlgaard and Dr. Mads P. Sørensen

WP leaders: Prof. Niels Mejlgaard, Prof. Costas Charitidis, Prof. Ana Marušić, Dr. Joeri Tijdink, Dr. Mads P. Sørensen, Prof. Nick Allum, Dr. Nicole Foeger

Researchers: Dr. Tine Ravn, Anna-Kathrine Bendtsen, Prof Dr. Lex Bouter, Prof. Dr. Guy Widdershoven, Krishma Labib, Rea Ščepanović, Teodora Konach, Dr. Panagiotis Kavouras, Prof. Dr. Sarah De Rijcke, Dr. Thed Van Leeuwen, Andrea Reyes Elizondo, Dr. Maura Hiney, Prof. Dr. Kris Dierickx, Daniel Pizzolato, Prof. George Gaskell, Nik Claesen, Borana Taraj, Prof. Giuseppe Alessandro Veltri, Prof. Anna Domaradzka

Advisory Board members: Prof. James A. DuBois, Dr. Anja Gilis, ZoёHammatt, Prof. Judit Sandor, Tony Mayer, Prof. Philippe Ravaud, Katie Metzler

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